Audacious Philantropy

The Audacious Philanthropy Report is prepared with the Lego Foundation’s Build a World of Play Challenge, and Sherrie Rollins Westin’s suggestion that the Challenge is ‘audacious philanthropy’, as its two key points of reference.

The report seeks to do a number of things:

  • Define the character of philanthropic activity in its various forms;
  • Address concerns about the grant giving practices in the philanthropic eco-system;
  • Provide case studies of a number of significant Foundations in this eco-system;
  • Suggest ways in which universities and researchers might engage with these foundations.

Here you can respectively see and download both the video summary and the full report elaborated by Dr. Luke Howie, (Lead of the Youth Research Unit) and titled “Audacious Philanthropy. Mapping the Global Philanthropic Eco-systems” . Just play the video or click on the image for the report pdf.

Summary by Dr. Luke Howie
Report by Dr. Luke Howie